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5 Ways A Cloud Syncing Service Is NOT The Same As A Backup

Cloud-based syncing services are everywhere. The options are limitless, from online document or file storage services like Google Drive to multi-device note taking apps like Evernote or iCloud Notes. While these providers can offer great products for syncing files, unfortunately customers are led to believe that the service they offer is the same as having […]

The true cost of losing your customer’s data

When it comes to running a business your customer’s personal information is your most valuable asset. Not only do your customers trust you with their hard earned cash and take the time to research and invest in your product or service; they also hand over their personal details. Even with a basic transaction a customer […]

Top disasters that threaten your business

The top 5 natural disasters threatening your business Natural disasters can occur when we don’t often expect them. And while you might be taught to ‘batten down the hatches’ when it comes to your office or your equipment, what about protecting your data? Here’s what we’re talking about when we look at the types of […]

Is Your Biz Sitting On A Data Lawsuit Time bomb?

As a business owner you have a crucial role to play in risk management. While you and your team grinds out the day to day operations, it’s also your responsibility to stand on the top of the mountain scanning the plains for threats that could bring your business to its knees. You have the unenviable task […]

Is Dropbox The Enemy Of Businesses?

When Dropbox suffered a severe data breach hackers walked away with 68 million records that enclosed the email addresses, passwords and confidential data of businesses right across the world! I wish this was merely a story… unfortunately it’s a fact. So here’s your official warning if you didn’t know. Have you changed your Dropbox password […]

Jan lost 8,000 photos by housing them on Dropbox. Don’t be Jan.

About two years ago Jan from the Czech Republic lost 8,000 photos from his private collection. It’s easy to see how this could happen. In hindsight. But Jan isn’t computer illiterate. In fact, he’s a former computer scientist. His mistake? He used Dropbox as a supposedly foolproof backup storage solution. Jan documented his whole journey […]